Monday, October 13, 2008

A first thought.

Why can't we look ahead?

If you take a moment, step back, and look at the world to day, it's pretty obvious that a lot of things don't make sense.  Nations with constrictive laws, companies with eight-year-old employees, people wearing Crocs sandals, but it's all about the same thing... choice.  I'm not here to debate whether or not choice exists, it's more or less irrelevant in the context of meaningful discussion.  Most if not all of the crazy shit going on out there can be attributed to the complexity of the human psyche: people do things for a reason.

But, because people already have reasons, the only way to truly influence people and motivate them to action is by giving them what they want: a purpose.  And, it has to be easy...

Now, obviously, this is not easy.  It's like tricking someone into doing what you want them to do.  Only its not tricking simply because after they start doing it, they realize that it makes them happy; it doesn't matter why they started doing it, only that they did.   But again, how do you motivate people to action?  This is probably the hardest question I've come across, but I believe there is an answer, though I probably am not capable of providing it.

So what exactly would I like to trick people into doing?  Lots of stuff.  For one, it would be nice if people started treating the planet and each other with some respect.  I mean we all live in the same little corner of the universe, but we each treat it like we're the only ones here.  I'm talking about Americans for the most part, but chances are that if you have a computer and are able to read this, then you're part of the problem.

I'd like to see the United Nations have more power to enforce international standards.  A single world language or global government would be beneficial.  Right now, humanity lacks direction.  We all just go about our daily lives enjoying things and that's fine.  But eventually, I'd like to see people agree upon what we're really here for.  Maybe there should be a global religion, or lack thereof.  Then we could at least stop killing each other and focus on sharing and improving the quality of life of everyone.